„Challenges of Family Firms during Covid – 19“ Webinar

A great opportunity for family businesses enthusiasts!

So proud of sharing this invitation to the „Challenges of Family Firms during Covid – 19“ webinar.

Join us on Wednesday 16 March 2022, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (CET), live on MS Teams. The webinar is organized by @ Family Business Center in collaboration with @ IBERA.

We are going to discuss topics related to the challenges and problems faced by family businesses during the Covid 19 pandemic with top family firms owners and experts!

So pleased to be part of such prestigious people including speakers Dr. Tom Deans is the author of, Every Family’s Business – the best-selling family business book of all-time, Dr. Emanuele Preve  is CFO at Riso Gallo group, 6th Generation Family Business and Business Angel, StartUp Mentor, Prof. Rania Labaki is Director of EDHEC Family Business Research Centre and Family Business Fellow at Cornell University and The Family Firm Institute, board member of IFERA, Prof. Rodrigo Basco is  part of 4th generation family-owned Argentinean firm, Professor at American University of Sharjah, Board Chairman of STEP Project Global Consortium, and moderators Prof. Zouhour El Abaid is General Coordinator of IBERA, member of Family Business Center, Prof. Bettina Lynda Bastian is a dean at College of Business and Financial Sciences, Royal University for Women, Bahrain, Assoc. Prof. Monika Nadova Kroslakova is a founder of Family Business Center, member of IBERA,  co-owner of family business, 2nd generation.

Thank you to our organizing committee  Prof. Hani Chaarani, doc. Monika Nadova Kroslakova, Prof. Zouhour El Abaid, dr. Danielle Khalife-Fraiha, doc. Heba badawy, prof. Adel Rayan, doc. Elena Kašťáková, Prof. Mona Gamal Eldin, dr. Mohar Yusof, doc. Sergio Rodríguez Clariana, dr. Andrea Tomášková, dr. Slimane ED-DAFALI.

Attendance is limited. Take registration today. After registration here – https://tinyurl.com/258ub56c ,you will receive a login link by e-mail.

Don´t miss out our webinar!

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We look forward to you Centrum Rodinného Podnikania I Family Business Center,  doc. Monika Naďová Krošláková, doc. Elena Kašťáková, Prof Hani El-Chaaran, dr. Tom Deans, dr. Mohar Yusof, Prof. Zouhour EL- ABIAD, doc. Sergio Rodríguez Clariana, dr. Silvana Mariel Muñoz, dr. Andrea Tomášková, dr. Judit Csákné Filep, dr. Oldřich Dutý, dr. Slimane ED-DAFALI