Family Business Companies. Why they do not usually reach the 3rd Generation


Empresas familiares: Por qué no suelen llegar a la tercera generación

Sergio Rodríguez Clariana (Spain)


The family business (87% of companies are family-owned worldwide) can be considered one of the longest-lived institutions in history. However, it seems that the management of this type of company suffers from some kind of “disease” that prevents the vast majority from passing from the second generation. Why? Mixing business and family provides multiple causes that help the high mortality of these. In this eminently practical book, the author tries to give those guidelines that can accompany the businessman so that he does not make the usual mistakes that lead to such a disastrous end. You just have to keep in mind that you are talking about a family business, where the word company comes first. Likewise, it should be avoided that the following maxim is applied: “When money goes out the door, love goes out the window.” It is approached with many examples and real casuistry of situations with which the reader may be identified in one way or another. It is about getting the company to grow solidly, laying the foundations that allow its continuity for generations “jumping” from the second. Getting to apply the management techniques of the “big” to the “small” implies entering another dynamic that will guarantee the survival of the company without a doubt.