International Scientific Conference

The Family Business Center and IBERA together with the main organizers of the Guild of Crafts and Entrepreneurship – Opole Employers’ Association, Faculty of Economics and Management, Opole University of Technology and Opole Economic Development Center would like to invite you to the 5th Scientific Conference on Craft Craftsmanship – its Local, Regional and International Dimension “Craftsmanship – family business and not only”, which will take place in hybrid form on 9th and 10th June 2022 in Opole, Poland.

Speakers will discuss current topics in the fields of economics, management and social and legal aspects in the field of crafts, family crafts and traditions. The founder of the Center, Monika Naďová Krošláková and Andrea Tomášková, will discuss the tradition of family crafts as an intangible cultural heritage. Our members of the conference’s scientific committee are Monika Nadova Kroslakova, Hani Chaarani, Andrea Tomášková and Judit Csákné Filep. The conference will take place in two sections, the main English and regional Czechoslovak, moderated by Andrea Tomášková.



We look forward to an inspiring meeting!