Philip provides a unique service as a trusted advisor to family businesses. Experience as a clinical change practitioner and senior business consultant  in London, New York, New Zealand and Australia.  He received his degree in psychology from the University of Otago in New Zealand and his MSW from Adelphi University in New York.  He is founder & CEO - Family Business Central and Managing Director - Morphthink Pty Ltd. He worked in a clinical role with families in Stockbridge Massachusetts and London, as a consultant and trusted advisor to organisations in London, New York and Sydney. He is one of the leading developers of the change methodology, ‘Light Touch Change’ which combines core ideas from cybernetics, perceptual control theory and linguistics and applies this to his work with family businesses. Philip combines his business expertise with a deep knowledge of family psychology and change. Philip is founder and CEO of Family Business Central , provides information, support and services to family owned businesses and family offices in Australia and New Zealand.

While working with family businesses designed effective succession plans and structures to build their legacies; introduced and designed key family and business governance processes and structures; resolved major conflict between family members; created long term family and business strategies; developed and sits on family business advisory boards; advised boards and designed board effectiveness assessment processes; facilitated complex family meetings and conferences; and works as a trusted advisor to a number of high-profile family businesses.

Philip has developed a reputation for managing particularly challenging situations as well as achieving high levels of buy-in to agreements and outcomes for families and their businesses. Also writes and blogs regularly about family business, is often invited on to TV and radio programs and presents regularly at conferences as an expert advisor on family business.