Silvana defines herself as a World Citizen, with a passion for travel, culture, languages, and diversity.  She is an agricultural engineer, ontological and executive coach, design thinking consultant, trainer, and facilitator, working for more than 20 years with entrepreneurs, agribusiness men, women farmers, and family businesses of all the sectors. Her coaching inspires them to redesign their futures and expand beyond their limits and present mindset. She created methodologies and resources based on her own redesigning and expansion journey through a coaching and art healing process, because of an unexpected health event in her life. She is the Founder and CEO of the “Family Business Global Movement”, “NextGen Global Movement” and “Silvana Mariel Muñoz-Branding”. Her work has stretched across the 7 Continents, taking part in different projects as a collaborator, as well as in partnerships with FamilyBusinesses/FamilyOffices/Wealth Management, Trading & Investments for giving complementary Resources and Support to Global Clients. As International Multilingual Speaker she has run family business workshops, sessions, training in events and congresses for universities, companies, and associations globally. Appointed as a Distinguished Member of the Board of Directors of AASGON (African Asian Scholars Global Network) a global non-profit organization “Africa-AsiaPacific -ArabWorld Global Scholars Network” as partners. She is co-author of a Collaborative book, “She Dares” 37 Women Inspirational Stories by MENASpeakers. "She Dares" is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 37 inspiring women from 9 countries around the globe with 27 authors.

Silvana deeply believes in the joint building between Women+Men, being and thinking together, going more from Humanity than from any genre paradigm or gap. She became the 1st woman regional coordinator sharing boarding with 18 men and another woman later in the early 2000s. That´s why she created the concept “WoMen” Actually, she is writing her GlobCal Interactive ebook with 200 Collaborators/Protagonists from 50 countries titled: “Just WoMen”- Family Business & Family Office: WoMen’ Beyond Own Culture, CuLtUrEs & CULTURES”.