Setting up Company Management and Handing over Competences during Generational Transition in Family Business

We invite you to a lecture with Mario Fondati (FONDATI & PARTNERS, s. r. o.), which will take place 🗓 25th October 2023 at Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava.

ℹ Mario has more than fifteen years of experience in management consulting and dozens of projects in the field of planning and implementation of generational change in family businesses. It helps owners to make business management more efficient while preserving family values and authentic corporate culture, and to set up relations in the owners-family-management triangle. It implements long-term development programs for the next generation of owners and internal management.

📍 The workshop takes place in the Slovak language 🇸🇰 (due to the focus on specific issues of Slovak and Czech businesses) and is freely available to all interested parties 🆓

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